The Nature of Nano – Antony Barkworth-Knight, Nick del’Nero and the Sarah Staniland Group


About the Artwork

The Nature of Nano is an immersive multi-channel audiovisual installation focussing on the research of the Sarah Staniland Group at the University of Sheffield. The Group seek to synthesise novel, precise, biomineral nanomaterial architectures for nanotechnological and biomedical applications. Inspired by nature, they are using functional biomolecules such as biomineralisation proteins to direct the intricate formation of nanomaterials and create hybrid functional nanomaterials and arrays.

The installation will comprise of visual material including footage of experiments and the laboratory, along with interpretations of the research expressed using animation and video along with a sculptural piece of sound design that incorporates section of the interview with Dr. Sarah Staniland.

The final result is an immersive and informative experience: allowing the viewer to see and understand work at the cutting edge of nanotechnological and nanomedical research while at the same time giving a feel for how these technologies will shape the future for all of us.

About the Artists

Antony Barkworth-Knight is a visual artist working with moving image, live performances and documentary. His work is process driven, incorporating elements of video, film, animation and sound design.

His recent work includes:

  • Counterpoint, 2016 – an audio visual collaboration with four of Manchester’s leading musicians. The work won a commendation at the Northern Artists Film award and has been featured at Manchester Jazz festival, HOME cinemas, Lightwaves festival and Visions of the Future festival.
  • Evolution: Seeds and Streams, 2015 – an immersive live audio visual performance part of Irwin Mitchell mjf originals Award. The work comprised of live music set to a backdrop of video and animation vision mixed across three projection screens.
  • Nicola Dale: Not so firm as faded ink, 2015 – a documentary film featured as part of Nicola Dale’s touring exhibition.
  • The Death Project, 2017 – The project is ongoing research looking at attitudes towards death in the UK.

Nick Del’Nero is an electronic music composer with a PHD in electroacoustic composition and experimental sound. His work is research based and focuses on subjects such as political sciences and technology, produced for multi-channel diffusion systems, stereo speaker systems or headphones. His recent works and performances include:

  • Tools to Technocracy, Conrad Prebys Music Center, San Diego;
  • Soundscape, Multi channel sound installation, Litton Poetry festival;
  • Blank is Beautiful, Concert Performance, PS2, Scarborough.