Pendulum Wave Machine – Travelling Light Circus

About the Artwork

Let your eyes be seduced by the slinking and swaying of the sumptuous Pendulum Wave Machine, a mechanical contraption that combines mathematics and magic. Silvery spheres glide through the air like floating mercury, creating mesmerising, hypnotic patterns that have to be seen to be believed! The design is based on the visionary ideas of the 19th Century physicist and philosopher, Ernst Mach, brought into the 21st Century by the marvellously magical minds of Travelling Light Circus. Proudly built in Talbot Mill, this is the Pendulum Wave Machine’s homecoming.

About the Artist

We are Travelling Light Circus, a creative arts company proud to hail from Manchester. We love to make people smile and laugh and most of all, to go “wow!” Over the last few years, we have steadily become a leading provider of high impact work for outdoor audiences at events, large and small, around the country.

Our unique troupe of performers, engineers and producers combine to make work that marries art and technology; we love clever lighting and interactive fun, especially on a large scale that leaves people with lasting memories of something very special indeed.

Our work is characterised by creative ingenuity coupled with high production values, ensuring that organisers and the public alike, are enthralled by our work.