The Exhibition



Cornbrook Creative, Capital&Centric and Manchester Science Festival are excited to announce the artists and artworks selected for the Sci-Art commission and curated exhibition of existing works that blend science, art and technology..

The majority of our selected artists are working in the North West and share an innovative approach to using science, data and technology to create immersive artworks, performances and installations that can be enjoyed by a wide variety of people.

Browse the portfolio for details of the artworks and artists or follow the page links below:

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  • Collaborators Showcase
  • Sci-Art Commission & Curate
  • Verrfast – Logan and Wilcox
  • The Nature of Nano – Antony Barkworth-Knight, Nick del’Nero and the Sarah Staniland Group
  • Microbe Me – Jon Biddulph
  • Microtopias – Dave Griffiths
  • Sonic Ensemble – Jen Haugen
  • Pattern & Perception – Gemma May Latham
  • DeviceD – Manoli Moriaty & Lucie Lee
  • Noise+Signal – Daksha Patel
  • The Machines – Alex Pearl
  • Liquid Crystals: Science meets Art – Ingo Dierking
  • Milestone [it’s personal] – Paul Owen
  • Textured Landscapes of the Solar System – Kelly Stanford
  • Pendulum Wave Machine – Travelling Light Circus