About Talbot Mill and Capital&Centric

Recently acquired by Capital&Centric – award winning developers who don’t just create buildings; they create places and communities and cultivate cultures – Talbot Mill is a magnificent example of the iconic Victorian mills which have been refuge to Manchester’s vibrant artistic communities for decades.

A Grand Exposition will animate over 10,000 square feet of this building, hosting both a farewell celebration for the Talbot Mill communities and the launch of a new cultural workspace project – ‘FutureSpaces’.

Talbot Mill will open its doors for this unique and one-off event, welcoming the public to enjoy its final batch of ‘manufactures’ amidst the charming remains of its post-industrial heritage, before deconstruction and metamorphosis into a new life as residential dwellings.

To find out about plans for the residential future of Talbot Mill, visit the website of property developers Capital&Centric http://talbotmcr.com