About Cornbrook Creative

Cornbrook Creative is a federation of artists, designers & makers, creative technologists, media producers and curators based in Talbot Mill, Manchester.

Our practice connects us with many curious elements in the cultural, technical and social matrix – some subtle, some strident – and finds us equally at home in the ebullient flux of the public realm, the rigours of passioned debate and the quiet meditation of the craft workshop.

Our artistic work integrates both contemporary fabrication processes and traditional techniques across a range of disciplines within digital, visual & sonic arts, sculpture, engineering and outdoor theatre – producing events, experiences and artefacts to delight and dislocate by turn.

Cornbrook Creative is also excited to offer an eclectic portfolio of opportunities for public participation, creative adventure and community engagement with a new series of collaborative projects – while also supporting the region’s artisan, creative and cultural industries with an array of innovative design, manufacturing and production services.